Do I Need a Logo? Part 1

The obvious answer for the question, “do I need a logo?” would be yes! That’s only because we understand the importance of giving your business the look it needs to be trusted and appreciated by the public. If you are reading this, it’s obvious that you may be on the fence about getting a logo. We are here to talk you off that fence and give you five reasons you do need a logo.

  1. When you aren’t there, your logo is!

The first thing we want to do is explain to you what a logo is.  A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. Your logo speaks up for you when you are not there to speak for your self. If is how people will be able to recognize your business over your competitors.

Potential customers often times decide if they can trust you simply by looking at your logo. Not having a logo at all says a lot. It gives off the impression that you aren’t actually a real business. It says, you haven’t taken the time to invest in yourself for something as simple as a logo. When you have a logo, you have the opportunity to make a great first impression.

Need a logo? – Submit Design Request

Or Check out the DIY Video from our creative director on how to create a typography logo to get you started.

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