Do I need a Logo Part 2

In part one of this “Do I need a logo” Series we already established that the clear answer is yes, you do need a logo. If you haven’t already, ready “Do I need a Logo Part 1” to catch up on our series.  In Part 2, we will discuss the the most important job for your logo.

2. Your logo helps you stand out

Picture it, you are riding down the street looking for a tire shop and see that that there a two shops very close to each other. One has simple signage that just says “tires here” and the other one is Michelin Tires with that iconic Michelin Tires logo of a man made of tires. Which one do you choose?

Most would choose Michelin Tires. Sure, they have a trusted brand of tires, but they also have a logo that makes them stand out. People love cartoon characters for logos.  They seem to be the most memorable type of logos. However, they aren’t for all companies. Our point is, your logo will help you win out among your crowd of competitors. Without a logo, you have no way to show you are different from everyone else.

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Or Check out the DIY Video from our creative director on how to create a typography logo to get you started.

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