Do I Need a Logo? Part 3

In the last installation in our series we discussed how logos could be the determining factor on his a person chooses you or them. Check out part 2 of Do I need a Logo? Now we will look at the loyalty aspect of what a logo can provide.

Logos create a since of loyalty with your client/customer base. Once a person begins doing business with you, your badge now becomes their badge. Those people will stay loyal to you because of that representation. It will also help protect you from that other company coming in and stealing your customers.

There is always going to be someone that comes in and offers what you do. They will say they can do it better, faster, and cheaper. It will sound good initially, but then they start thinking about the longevity of the company they have been with for years. They will remember your logo and remember they apart of your business family.

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Or Check out the DIY Video from our creative director on how to create a typography logo to get you started.

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